Pineapple Digital is proud to present our premiere Artist feature, and for this first one we managed to get a Q & A session with the Queen of Progressive House, Dinka.

Pineapple Digital is proud to present our premiere Artist feature, and for this first one we managed to get a Q & A session with the Queen of Progressive House, Dinka.

PD: From listening to epic classic rock bands in your early years, to getting into trance later as a teen, Djing to producing, how would you describe your musical journey with how it began and how it made you who you are today?

Dinka: Music is closely connected to emotions and so is my journey. Daily Ups and downs – uncertainty – excitement – nothing like a normal career. But this is what we love. Those are the risks and at the same time the adventures of a Musician. Every morning is a new chapter and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

PD: Your music is known for being positive and uplifting, and for truly speaking to the fans. Do you have an inspirational story or favorite memory regarding feedback you received from a fan?

Dinka: There’s about a touching story a week. It would be unfair to mention only one of them today. No matter if face to face or through online media, they are all unique and I cherish every single one of them. I believe that each and every melody can trigger feelings positive or negative. Getting a live response from a crowd for your own track is as real as it gets.That’s one of the rewards you get performing.

PD: Can you tell us something fans would never guess that happened to you that was unexpected while producing recent releases?

Dinka: My computer keeps crashing on me. No big news there though. That’s when you’d read the Twitter message ‘cmd + s’ … showing the two keys that just saved a new track.

PD: As the “Queen of Progressive House” you have traveled world-wide for years, visiting many countries. Do you know how many countries you’ve performed in and do you have an all-time favorite show?

Dinka: I’m a bit busy at the moment, but I was thinking about getting out a globe and start to count as I read this question. Let’s reverse it: the only part of the world I haven’t seen yet is South America. In general, I love different cultures and different people. There’s another way of life in almost every country and it is quite amazing to get insides on their particular view of politics, status, rights and wrongs and so on. I find interesting and inspiring to experience every place I visit. It helped me expend my tolerance and understanding of many other ethics.

PD: You have an amazing 80,000 + fans on Facebook and over
20,000 followers on Soundcloud. How important do you think social media is for upcoming producers and artists? Do you think DJs getting booked for shows depends on the popularity gained through social media?

Dinka: Hard to tell. I know promoters who still go by likes, yes. But I know more and more fellow Djs with little likes that just get booked for the wicked sound they make. And I hope the trend will keep going that direction.

PD: Where can we catch you touring this year, do you have many festivals or big shows coming up soon? Lastly, any words for the followers of Pineapple Digital’s Fanpage ?

Dinka: Check my schedule here: and Colombo are coming up this month. Plus of course for people visiting the beautiful island Bali – come and catch me at my resident club ‘Pyramid’ every other week! Also, thanks for the support Pineapple Digital Family! Keep spreading the love for music! :)