PD100A The 100th Part 1 – 06R, Alfoa, Areea, Blood Groove & Kikis, Ai Takekawa, Cullen, Dmitry Aeolus, Dunkan, Fferd Tobing, Jay Hubbard, Keisuke Hara, Lesh, Tomohiko Togashi, Takahiro Eguchi

Pineapple Digital, turned 2 years old last month and our Melodic Progressions radio show had
it’s commemorative 100th episode as well and now we celebrate another milestone with our special
100th compilation which will be released as Parts 1 and 2 with a total of 24 tracks.

The first part includes 12 tracks from PD regulars, 06R, Alfoa, Areea, Blood Groove and Kikis with
Ai Takekawa, Cullen, Dunkan, FFERD TOBING, and Lesh. We also introduce and welcome newcomers to
the family, Dmitry Aeolus, Jay Hubbard, Kesuke Hara, and Tomohiko Togashi and Takahiro Eguchi.

Part 1 starts off with 06R doing a rework of his cult hit Orientification, which he calls
‘(Black Version)’, which we would say it’s very tasty with it’s progressive techno vibes,
infused with exotic Japanese melodies and vocal chops, next is Alfoa with his darker themed
composition,’Liquor, Areea rounds of the first quarter with this scorching progressive trance
track, ‘Campanas’.

In this 2nd quarter, we go into deeper melodic bliss with the Latvian duo of Blood Groove and Kikis
in collaboration with Japanese singer, composer and songwriter Ai Takekawa, and their masterpiece,
‘She’ which is sung in both Japanese and English, we break it up with Cullen’s progressive breaks
creation, ‘Digital Emotions’, and we drop this epic club oriented masterpiece from Dmitry Aeolus,

Dunkan sets the mood in this 3rd quarter with his symphonic creation,’Ticket Back’, next up is this
uplifting and angelic like musical production, ‘Never Be The Same’ from Indonesian electronic music
producer FFERD TOBING, we pick the pace up with this is a pulsating harmonic piece, ‘From Within’,
from UK producer, Jay Hubbard.

The final quarter will stimulate your aural senses with Kesuke Hara’s mellifluent jewel, ‘Kinugasa’,
this tracks flows with lush beautiful chords and exotic Junanagen plucks, very ‘Kawaii’ like in nature
which means lovable, cute or adorable in Japanese, then we bring you this classic progressive styled
master work, ‘Vicious Circles’ from PD resident, Lesh, and finally the last track in this compilation,
winds down with this 80’s Italo Disco inspired melodious original,’Sheers’, which is a collaborative
effort from 2 rising Japanese electronic music producers, Tomohiko Togashi and Takahiro Eguchi.

We hope you enjoy and we will be back Part 2 of our special 100th release.