PD105 Aspenberger – Ametrine, Tim Iron, Yuriy From Russia, Platunoff

We welcome back PD regular, Russian electronic music
producer, Platunoff with his EP,’Aspenberger’.

We turn to our roster of artists to do their own interpretations of the originals, Ametrine, Tim Iron,
and Yuriy From Russia.

Aspenberger (Original Mix)
Sharp and thumping low frequency bass lines pierce the air over warbling and distorted vocal samples, as a cool and crisp sound like wind fades in and out in this original of “Aspenberger”.

Aspenberger (Ametrine Remix)

Pads spit a cool beat over ambience and more upbeat percussion as Ametrine takes “Aspenberger” for a remix spin. A cool and chilled dance beat that has some body groovin drops and serene breakdowns.

Aspenberger (Tim Iron Remix)

Tim Iron up next in the “Aspenberger” EP, as he slams down a more trance intensive structure over Platunoff’s original theme. Loud, proud, and full of hyped energy, this remix of “Aspenberger” is turned up to the max.

Aspenberger (Yuriy From Russia Remix)

Last up in the “Aspenberger” EP, is a remix from Yuriy From Russia. This Russian producer takes the elements of Platunoff’s original mix and adds multiple layers of ominous mystery and hard hitting bass lines that get you up off your seat and into the thick of that dance inducing fog that emanates from the speakers.

We hope you enjoy!