PD106 Back To The Future – Samat Raushanov

We debut to the PD imprint, electronic music producer from
Kazakhstan, Samat Raushanov with his 2 track EP, ‘Back To
The Future’.

Back to the Future:

Serrated waveforms slice through time and space in “Back to the Future”, Samat Raushanov’s first of this dual track EP, and if it isn’t a killer sound, it’s among the top compositions here at PD. Grindy basslines plow on through leading to a serene and melodic breakdown. Climbing the hill to the climax, all these wonderous sounds fuse together to form a fantastic tune.


“Rain” on the other hand, just as good, but takes the form of a less speedy intense sound, and goes full throttle into the realm of true melodic bangers. Rauchanov’s EP is certainly a delightful one, and this pair of tracks is just what your arsenal needs for your daily commute, your next mix, or a relaxing night in with some great music.

We hope you enjoy!