PD112 Shine – Noel Sanger, Josh Christopher

Summer is here and we have this scorcher from PD newcomer, Josh Christopher, which features vocals from Missy Smith.

For remix duties, Noel Sanger definitely shines through with his
interpretation of the original track.

Shine (Extended Mix)

Remniscent of the days of yore, “Shine” has a certain spark that seems so nostalgic of the EDM and dance of yesterday. A refreshing visit to these sounds; a bouncy, galloping EP that will likely cause others to execute shuffling of sorts. Outdoor festival anyone? We
included the radio edit as well.

Shine (Noel Sanger Remix)

Electronic music veteran Noel Sanger from Florida hits up this remix with that Midas’ touch, tapping into all the experience to create a beautiful remix. This one is much more likely to heat up the dance floor in a club.

Shine (Noel Sanger Instrumental Mix)

For those of you who prefer it without the vox with the same intensity
as the vocal version of Noel’s remix.

We hope you enjoy