PD113 Futurity – Ametrine, Fferd Tobing, L.G.V, Aquatique, David Rull, Bilal Cetiner

We welcome back Bilal Cetiner as he debuts his
EP, ‘Futurity’ to the PD imprint.

Remixes from PD regulars, Aquatique, Ametrine,
FFERD TOBING and L.G.V., plus newcomer David Rull, compliment the originals very well.

Futurity (Original Mix)
A bright and happy start to the “Futurity” original, plucks and pads hammer out a sweet and succulent tune, and bass lines that will shock your body’s core. A flagship track for an EP if one was ever seen, and a great start for all remixers looking to get in on the action.

Futurity (Ametrine Remix)
Among the many remixers here, Ametrine gets in on the action right away. Ametrine only adds and builds upon the already bright and warm elements in “Futurity”, adding more saw wave bass lines and higher frequency plucks. As well as a few samples of sounds you’d hear at the beach. So relaxing.

Futurity (FFerd Tobing Remix)
In the “Futurity” remix by FFerd Tobing, we are taken on a more technologically advanced ride through the metropolis. Several pounding kicks in and you’re already swiftly taken along the tracks, submitting for a real trance experience.

Futurity (L.G.V Remix)
Perhaps the lightest and brightest of them all, L.G.V spared no expense in shooting for something very different, yet so familiar. A little slower than the rest, the L.G.V remix of “Futurity” is perhaps best suited for an outdoor beach party at dusk. All the elements seem to help signify that a good and pleasant day has now come and gone, and dancing is all that is left.

Lull (Original Remix)
In “Lull”, Bilal Cetiner let’s the creativity flow as the leads fluctuate in note, to create irregular and addictive measures. A crazy, other worldly creation awaits you in “Lull”, and it must not be taken lightly.

Lull (Aquatique Remix)
PD regular Aquatique, is back with his own interpretation of’Lull’, lush pads, sublime bass synths, vox loops give it a darker melodic vibe that awakens your aural senses.

Lull (David Rull Remix)
This “Lull” remix by David Rull speeds off without a hitch, and while it starts innocently enough, the meat of the speed can be felt as each progressive measure of sound kicks in to add more intensity.

We hope you enjoy!