PD114 Lost In Nowhere – Aquatique, deepAlexander, Nafta, Ennea

Nafta and Ennea debuts to the PD imprint with their EP,
‘Lost In Nowhere’.

PD regular Aquatique and PD newcomer deepAlexander add their remixes to compliment
the original.

Lost in Nowhere (Original Mix)

With a title as “Lost in Nowhere”, few tracks could be aptly named. The original mix of this release starts slow and steady, increasing in volume and intensity with each measure, maintaining without fail a beautiful and calming soundscape.

Lost in Nowhere (Aquatique Remix)

Aquatique knows right where to jump in for this remix. A natural in production, Aquatique stays with a similar theme of the original mix in “Lost in Nowhere”, adding vocal chopped samples to help ground the song in reality.

Lost in Nowhere (deepAlexander Remix)

deepAlexander goes in on the remix with a dynamic range of sounds that launch you both into outer space, and bring you to the core of the earth with its bass line.

We hope you enjoy!