PD116 Your Perspective – Infinity State, Lesh, TACT TOKYO, Phrakture

Our resident producer Phrakture is back with another all Canadian collaboration with saxophone player Knott Rudy, and their EP, ‘Your Perspective’.

Includes remixes from our PD roster of artists, Lesh,
TACT TOKYO and newcomer Infinity State.

Your Perspective (Original Mix)

This the the perfect track to chill you out with KnottRudy’s cool jazzy saxophonic vibes, and
Phrakture’s complex music productions to make
a great downtempo tune.

Your Perspective (Infinity State Remix)

New to the PD imprint is American producer
Infinity State who does a great job of picking
up the pace with his progressive trance themed

Your Perspective (Lesh Remix)

PD Regular, Lesh who hails from the UK, unleashes his creative energies with his immense interpretation of the original that awes everyone that comes into hearing range of this remix.

Your Perspective (TACT TOKYO Remix)

Japanese electronic music producer, and PD resident TACT TOKYO adds his own funk jazzy infused liquid DnB goodness with this stunning
remix of the original.

We hope you enjoy!