PG027 Hologram – Crack D, Subalpine, Tanvir Ahmed, Technodreamer, Tyler Schauman, Aumcraft

Spring is a welcome relief for this wintry weather and this next
release from PG regular, Aumcraft, ‘Hologram EP’, chills the listener with some great vibes of the original mix and the remixes.

Hologram (Original Mix)
In this nature-esque soundscape you’ll find elements that combine the technological with the organic. Nostalgic treasures are found dynamic filters that fill one with nostalgia and relaxation in “Hologram”.

Hologram (Crack D Remix)
Russian deep house producer Crack D, in all his deep house wonder, slaps a bass heavy remix of “Hologram” with some smoking hot vocal samples, which help to create an almost smokey atmosphere within its safe and comforting sound.

Hologram (Subalpine Remix)
Subalpine makes his debut on Pineapple Grooves with a remix of “Hologram”. One bouncy, get up and go deep house vibe that is bound to charm you with it’s chilled out and calming state.

Hologram (Tanvir Ahmed Remix)
Welcoming Tanvir Ahmed amongst the ranks at PG, a much more spiritual journey awaits in this remix of “Hologram”. An epic chorus warms the air as noise filters in and creates a feeling of travel through space on this truly unique piece.

Hologram (Technodreamer Remix)
Quite the prolific house producer, Technodreamer dives heavily into chopped slices of the original samples of “Hologram”. While still keeping much of the same feel, a more upbeat vibe is presented with increased tempo and added percussion.

Hologram (Tyler Schauman Remix)
Pineapple Grooves resident DJ and producer Tyler Schauman gifts us with a composition that comes packed with a sweet head banging rhythm that can be found in the fatter bass lines and below the ascending piano arpeggio.

We hope you enjoy this groove!