PG031 Eros – Lian July

Our label boss Lian July is back again with a 3 track EP, ‘Eros’, for
our 31st release.


A multitude of bouncing layers alternate their troughs and peaks, and when all drops out during the mini break down after the introduction, all tracks of sound crescendo together to lead us in the main event in “Eros”. Vocals add depth and mystery to this deep house wonder as the beat hammers on and on.

Inner You

“Inner You” has much depth as the Marianas Trench, and about as much mystery. Thick, industrial strength bass lines saw their way through the land, sea, and air, and into your heart, home, and lungs, leaving you feeling blissfully unaware that you’ve already started rockin’ your body to the beat.

Third Element

“Third Element” is a deep house classic. Within we are pummeled with a savage beat, and fading low filter noise, but there is also another important aspect that adds much of a psychadelic essence to this mix; clips of what sounds like a lost interview containing lost and important knowledge, and the vocals of the voice that keeps us sane throughout.

We hope you enjoy this groove!