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Pineapple Digital is proud to present our 2nd CD album release from PD regular, veteran Polish electronic music producer, Martin Graff and Russian singer and songwriter, Eva Kade.
For those of you who want the buy copy of the CD album it will be available for sale on our website on July 31, 2016.

The Destiny album is finally here, after Polish producer Martin Graff, and Russian singer and songwriter Eva Kade combined forces nearly 2 years ago to start work on this fantastic album, and it’s now ready for your ears.

The star of the show, “Destiny”, will have you pumping up the bass, and volume, when you hear it first. A choice aural experience that carves out a space for itself in this splendid world. Upbeat and dancey, and relatable lyrics, all have a deep affect on those listeners. No album would be complete without a roundup of tracks varying in sound, structure, and style though, and the “Destiny” album is no exception. Soothing chill out sounds with the heavenly vocals of Eva Kade can be found throughout, and in track “Slowly Murder”. While other uplifting progressive breaks tracks like “Sea of Stars” bewilder the mind and relax the body with its sheer beauty of sound.

There are a small handful of tracks produced solely by Martin Graff himself as well. These stand easily on their own. Grimey and loud, intense trance, and elements of those supple melodies found in progressive house, all available for your commute, evening ritual, or daily fix.

Track Breakdown:

Days Go By
A real trance inducing trance track with divine piano scores, and catchy plucked arps.

“Dreamwalker” is a sickeningly awesome uplifting trance tune, with delectable vocal samples, but not of Eva Kade unfortunately.

More Than Ever feat. Kalim Milo
“More Than Ever” features Kalim Milo, another Polish producer, who goes in hard with Martin Graff to create an over the top trance track that will undoubtedly capture your heart.

King of Sea Lions
Another amazing uplifting trance tune, “King of Sea Lions” does seem to paint a darker, depths-of-the-ocean-like sound with some of the more sombre of sounds.

“Destiny”‘s got that truly significant bass line, that slaps and vibrates with an attractive sound. Eva Kade features her calming voice from the heavens to put you in a trance.

Slowly Murder
Chilled, slowed, deep. “Slowly Murder” is a questionable title, but hearing the song will allow one to understand the dynamic elements that bring this track to life.

Perfect Color
Driving percussion hits the straightway in “Perfect Color”. Eva Kade leads the way with some almost nostalgic vocal melodies and lyrics.

Sea Of Stars
Kick ass percussion and ambient noise create a funky and upbeat progressive track that is irresistibly dance worthy!

Sweet Talker
A much faster track than the rest, this “Sweet Talker” is born of trance and drum and bass, teetering on the line of liquid, whose end result creates one euphoric track.

You Hold Me Right Here
Savage progressive house structure and execution. “You Hold Me Right Here” holds all the cards to a great play. Swift pads rapidly play upon the already divine chord progression resulting in unavoidable enjoyment.

Concept : Dave Pineda
Text : Cole Wiski
Artwork : Laurent
Mastering : Studio One Toronto